Novus Ordo Sacraments

Canon Lawyer on the Validity/Invalidity of the Novus Ordo Sacraments

Novus Ordo Sacraments, a Canon Lawyer, Doctor of Thomistic Theology and former Secretary to Cardinal Stickler, Fr. Gregory Hesse (SSPX) discusses the Novus Ordo and whether the changes to the sacraments made by Pope Paul VI are valid or not. An absolute must watch. You will learn more than ever before.

Fr. Gregory Hesse does a fantastic job of clearing through many myths and misconceptions about the New Mass and the Traditional Latin Mass. This hour long talk given in Southern California in the 90’s. Is the New Mass valid? Are theSacraments of the New Mass valid? Is the Priesthood of the New Mass valid? These and other questions will be answered for you in this talk.

The Talk is followed by a question and answer period.

Fr. Gregory Hesse
Fr. Gregory Hesse on Novus Ordo Sacraments