Saint Malachy Prophesies


Archbishop of Armagh

St MalachySaint Malachy was an Irish saint and Archbishop of Armagh. He is most known for the “Prophesy Of The Popes” where he has a vision, while in Rome, of who the next 112 Popes and whom they would be! Saint Malachy does not give a name but a description of that person, usually about their Coat Of Arms. For example, #110 “De labore solis”, which means, through the sun’s labor, this refers to Pope John Paul II, for he was born during a solar eclipse and was buried during a solar eclipse. Number 111 refers to Pope Benedict XVI, for that motto is “Gloria Olivae”, which means “from the glory of the olive” or “of the glory of the olive”.  There is a small Religious order called the Olivetans, which are a branch of the Benedictines and their symbol includes the olive branch. Now, one cannot discuss Saint Malachy without addressing the critics of the Prophecy of the Popes and there are many! But the critics say what they want to say and from the time when the Prophesy was found tucked away in the Vatican Archives to today, you cannot deny the accuracy of the prophesies.

Saint Paul says that we should “not despise prophesy but prove all things; hold fast that which is good”.

Prophesy Of The Popes - Saint Malachy

Photo copy of the Prophesies

The real problem lies in the interpretations of the last Pope or Popes, this is where people need to do their homework. Most interpretations are as follows; “in the extreme persecution of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, there will sit Peter The Roman, who will feed the sheep during the tribulation and when they are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed and the dreadful judge will judge His people… The end!” For some reason, all of the interpretations group the last two sentences when they are clearly two distinct and separate sentences! Each motto is always separated by a period so this is a false interpretation, because there are still two sentences after the Gloria Olivae (Pope Benedict XVI). The sentence that follows the Gloria Olivae can be translated literally as follows; “about or in the mist of – persecutions – extreme – Holy Roman Church – Seat. In modern English, it can be translated: “The extreme persecution of the Holy Roman Church Papacy”. Then comes the Petrus Romanus or Peter The Roman etc. Petrus Romanus

St Malachy

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